Zaika’s Statement: ADDING TASTE TO FOOD.
We opened Zaika in St Nicholas Street Ipswich on 27/10/2005. The word ZAIKA means  a special taste of food.  Since we opened we have had a very good response from our customers who return time and time again.
Myself Kashwi Abid and my husband Mohammed Abid run the Restaurant with our caring and hardworking members of staff.
The whole restaurant was refurbished before opening as Zaika.
It took some time to do - it has a traditional Indian look including carpet, furniture and decorations giving a lovely warm feeling.
The quality of the food is very important to us which is why we ensure all the ingredients are sourced from quality local suppliers and is cooked freshly to order.
Cleanliness is very important to us, we spend a long time making sure things are perfect. The idea is to make everyone feel special when they come in.
We want our customers to take their time and relax - we don’t want them to feel rushed.
We believe in providing very personal service to all our customers.
We all welcome you in our restaurant. All customers are special to us.
These are a selection of photographs showing the interior of the restaurant